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A bit of luxury, a lot of comfort, relaxation and...

We are a hotel that is still developing, with a very good standard, guaranteeing comfortable conditions for rest and relaxation. We are a place where there is no room for boredom. A place full of people with passion forming one big family. We are convinced that, just like us, you will feel here like... at home!

Comfortable rooms

So something good for everyone! After all, each of us is different and defines comfort, beauty or convenience with a different name.

Therefore, to meet your expectations - we have created rooms of different standards. In our facility there are small, cozy rooms measuring 16 m2, but also large, family rooms where up to 5 people can stay, or an apartment that can accommodate up to 10 people!

So why part with our loved ones when we can take them with us? And spend carefree moments together :)


The location of the Senator Hotel in the vicinity of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains encourages active recreation, and the proximity of the Mountains will allow you to enjoy nature and beautiful views. And this is where the Nordic Walking sticks available from us will come in handy again. Did you know that such training is used both in physical recreation, hiking and rehabilitation?!

A hotel with a park

A hotel with a park? Is it possible? Of course!

Our facility is located almost in the city park. This wonderful place, ideal for walking, exercising and spending time together, is 1 minute away on foot.

So, pick up your Nordic Walking sticks from the reception (for free!) and enjoy the joint physical activity.


In a healthy body, healthy mind!

This has been known for a long time, but is it necessary to go on trips outside the hotel?

For those who prefer to combine their physical activity with, for example, their favorite series, we have prepared a place where it is possible.

We offer a gym equipped with equipment of various levels of advancement, such as:

Vacu capsule
Dumbbells, exercise mat


Great SPA specialists will take care of your relaxation and health by selecting a series of relaxing treatments to your individual needs.

How about, for example, a massage for two?

Massage is an extremely nice and relaxing treatment. It relaxes wonderfully, relaxes muscles, reduces tension, stress and insomnia, as well as reduces general pain.
And it's even nicer to indulge in such pleasure with a loved one right next to you. isn't it?
At the Spa Institute of Dr. Irena Eris, such joint relaxation is at your fingertips.


We will tell you a secret! You can improve your HEALTH by having a good time!

How to do it? Be in the sauna regularly!

The heat of the sauna activates the circulatory system. The blood vessels dilate and the heart rate increases. Better blood circulation adds energy and at the same time relaxes our body. Muscles are relaxed, the body deacidifies, microcirculation improves.

      What's more, warming up in the sauna…

promotes the production of endorphins and stimulates the immune system
stimulates metabolism
helps cleanse the skin
has a beneficial effect on the endocrine and nervous systems
in people with rheumatic diseases, using the sauna relieves pain and improves overall mobility
soothes, relaxes and improves the quality of sleep
complete the weight loss process

Rasul or steam bath ritual

Is it even possible to combine business with pleasure in a sauna? Yes!

A session in the Rasul bath, i.e. in a steam bath, where the temperature reaches 55 degrees Celsius and the humidity is 100%, begins with applying a specially selected mud mask with cosmetic properties to the body.

A session in the bath has detoxifying properties, cleanses and moisturizes the skin, improves blood circulation and smoothes it. It is also a perfect relaxation and is a brilliant idea for a romantic evening for two.

Salt Cave

In the mountains and yet like by the sea ... or maybe even better?

Staying in a salt cave relaxes, improves well-being, reduces stress, deepens and slows down breathing, increases the ability to concentrate, delays skin aging. And that's not all... The air filling the salt cave has a beneficial effect on human health. In the salt cave there is a special microclimate in combination with the saturation of calcium, magnesium, iodine and bromine elements, it has anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties.

And best of all ... a 50-minute session provides the body with as many healthy-active elements as a few-day stay at the seaside!

Swimming pool

Water reduces the weight of the body submerged in it. Thanks to this, exercises in the pool do not relieve the joints and bring salutary benefits for health and mind. For this reason, our guests love swimming, thanks to which they become stronger, fitter and more joyful. They improve their flexibility, agility as well as the efficiency of the heart and lungs. The swimming pool also helps them lose weight and reduce cellulite.

Ladies and gentlemen, just remember that after an intense workout in the swimming pool, it is worth going to the sauna or jacuzzi for a while to relax the muscles tensed while swimming.

Swimming lesson

Anyone can swim…

Do your swimming skills need polishing? Do you want to increase your safety in water to be able to use water attractions? Or maybe overcome the fear of water and achieve your dream goal.?

Take advantage of individual classes with qualified trainers.

Diving course

And now maybe it's time for another water form of recreation?

Let yourself be introduced to the underwater environment. Learn the basics of diving and take your first steps under the strict supervision of a guide who will provide complete equipment for this exciting adventure.

After all, it's never too late for your first time... ;)

Evenings with live music

After a day full of challenges, it's time for ... medicine for the soul - music!

Every Friday and Saturday from 18:30 in our restaurant there is live music, which is the perfect background for dinner and dancing

A feast for the palate

Food has a huge impact on your well-being. It turns out that properly selected foods have a positive effect not only on the body, but also on the psyche.

Our Chef Marcin makes sure that the menu card is composed in such a way that it pampers not only the palate but also the eye, ensuring an amazing experience! After all, food should be not only a necessity but also (and perhaps above all) a pleasure!


So training for body and soul! Practicing it not only has a big impact on our well-being, but also a better understanding of our body and self-discipline.

Yoga with a qualified trainer is characterized by the appropriate adjustment of exercises to the needs and abilities of the participants. Thanks to this, even people who are not in good physical condition and are not stretched can participate in them. Thanks to them you will improve your well-being and vitality!

Priceless time with grandchildren

Is there something we enjoy the most? Isn't it just the smile of our loved ones in the era of the materialized world? And time spent together?

In our opinion yes! When running a hotel, we know this very well. We look at carefree family trips during which ties are strengthened. We see how important joint activities and fun are.

Therefore, when you fund your trip - take your family with you.

The power of attractions created especially for the youngest guests will prevent boredom and will allow you to use the services of your choice.

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