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"Talent wins the game, but teamwork and intelligence wins the championship" - Michael Jordan The most beautiful effect of everyday work is a loyal team. What creates this wonderful atmosphere of our “Three Broomsticks”? It's not new furniture, boards or smells. The heart is the people who create this corner of relaxation. Meet our staff:

Katarzyna Marlica

Introducing the Operations Manager and the sauna master. She guards order and organization As hardworking as a bee - this is what characterizes her and it has led her to where she is today. Punctuality, initiative, friendly approach to people - these are the key features that the team appreciates in her. He never forgets to stay in touch with his co-workers - he asks if they need help, praises them if they deserve it. She knows that the ability to capture the needs of another person, understanding questions and doubts is the key to taking care of our guests. You will also meet Kasia in the sauna. She happily conducts relaxation sessions and aromatherapy. Privately, she maintains her balance by admiring the beauty of nature from the perspective of a bicycle.

Patrick Sajnog

Each kingdom must have a suitable Host. We are pleased to present you Patryk Sajnóg - the guardian of our green, Świętokrzyskie sauna estates. His energy and professional knowledge spreads love for the mystical sauna world among our guests and crew. Did you know that Patryk Sajnóg is a student of min. in history and law at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. From an early age in the sauna world. Since 2016, he has been associated with the Thermal Center of the Senator Hotel. He never lacked ambition and determination. At the age of 17, he became its manager and chief Master of Ceremonies. Certified Saunamaster by PTS, aromatherapy and massage training course participant. Member of the Polish Sauna Society. Promoter of proper sauna use and promoter of sauna culture. A supporter of silence, peace and harmonious rituals with classic aromas. Likes relaxing, film and folk music.

Ilona Skrok

Saunamaster of the Three Broomsticks In every family, including ours, everyone has a role. She learned the profession of a sauna master enchanted by the aura of sauna rituals. From the very beginning, she knew that this was something she liked very much. A specialist in family saunas, who with sensitivity and nature-given delicacy takes care of the youngest in the Three-Broom Sauna. He cares about the popularization of family saunas, gracefully introduces newcomers, encouraging them. Her sessions full of positive energy encourage you to break away from everyday worries. Her smile tightly fills every corner of our green kingdom. He arrives at Trzy Brooms from Opatów. She regularly pampers us and our guests, feeding them Opatowskie fudge. Very quickly it turned out that he can find himself in the full range of tasks that are set for the members of the Three Brooms team. A wonderful wife and mother. She transferred the warmth from her family home to our sauna area.

Nina Salapa

Saunamaster of the Three Broomsticks Nina is a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow and of Early School and Preschool Education. By day he is a physical education teacher. She motivates her students to physical activity and educates them on how to take care of their health. He is also a Certified Fitness Instructor. She started her fitness adventure 11 years ago. You can meet her at various classes in one of the Ostrowiec fitness clubs. Nina is a volcano of energy! He still finds time for sauna and what a! He is a certified sauna master by PTS and a member of the Polish Sauna Society. Likes order, caring for the warmth of the "home hearth". Great, she combines the role of wife, mother of two children, teacher, fitness instructor and sauna master. He loves new challenges. She is extremely charismatic, full of energy and always ready to act. Her sessions are intense and full of surprises. Her sensual movements to the rhythm of music will put you in a blissful mood. Won't let anyone get cold. He always gives 100% and puts his whole heart into everything.

Olena Sosnovska

Wellness Zone Receptionist and Marketer Olena came to us from Ukraine and quickly became friends with the band. She is calm and balanced, always happy to greet our guests. She works as a receptionist and also develops our website, facebook and instagram pages. He has a lot of experience in internet marketing and loves it. He also loves traveling to new places. Every year he goes to the sea - because he loves it. She loves both quiet family evenings and happy holidays with friends.
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