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Ah, the luxury...

But what exactly is he? In relation to the Senator Hotel, it is definitely unique interiors, charming arrangements, apartments whose names hide their peculiar feature, but also the "Three Brooms" Thermal Center, the Dr. Irena Eris Spa Institute and the exclusive Atrium Restaurant. For us, both employees and owners, luxury means something more! It is above all love for this place, which in a short time became our second home. It's a feeling that we like to come back here and achieve our goals together. It is the awareness that we are a great and well-coordinated team, whose work is not a duty, but a pleasure. It is a belief that WE CREATE ONE BIG FAMILY. And how did it even start?

Hotel history

Our Hotel was founded in 1995 based on the concept of two entrepreneurs Ryszard Prokop and Stanisław Pająk. Initially, there were forty rooms, a restaurant, and a drink bar.

In 2005, the hotel management was successfully taken over by the the second generation - the sons of the co-owners, Filip Prokop and Arkadiusz Pająk.

Changes, changes, changes....

In 2015, the hotel underwent a major renovation.

Currently, we have 93 new rooms, including 5 unique boutique apartments, awarded with the Success of the Year 2015 Statuette, the Drem Spa Center, the Thermal Center, and the Atrium Restaurant.

We - employees (often giving headaches to the Bosses) implement original and interesting ideas that make our Hotel not a standard facility!

There are rooms in the standard of three and four stars, but also Boutique apartments, which even a five-star hotel would be proud of.

Each apartment has a unique design, some of them with Jacuzzi bathtubs, and above all, the atmosphere that encourages our guests to let their imagination run wild! Just like we like to do it and we... :)

(Not) ordinary US

It may sound cliché, but our enthusiasm and positive attitude do a living reflection in everything we do, and most importantly - they have a great impact on our guests. Our huge reserves of energy, as well as a combative/lively temperament impart to our guests, who appreciate and praise it, and then are happy to integrate with us. So see who we are and judge us for yourself! The success of the Senator Hotel is also a group of people who make their own determination and hard work, as well as great talents and skills enrich this place, making it even more unique. They work here among others cymbal virtuosos, creators of unforgettable events, lovers of writing articles or enthusiasts of creating unique decorations.

Filip Prokop

We couldn't introduce ourselves without starting with the presentation of our Boss! Personalities of the Year! As you can see, we are not the only ones who think about HIM. Filip is a creative entrepreneur, developer with a head full of ideas! One of his favorite areas is broadly understood marketing. A brilliant speaker, trainer, who, thanks to his speeches, encourages us to act more than once! With his wife Magda and two children, he creates a wonderful and warm family.

The quality that will not go unnoticed

Family, but innovative this is our motto. Numerous awards and distinctions gained by the hotel confirm those words. We have recently been awarded the Hotel VIP 2017 award.

We grow for you.

The perfect duo

There are no irreplaceable people…

Oh how wrong who ever uttered that statement.

And again, how lucky we are to have THEM on our team. Or actually... didn't they start building (literally and figuratively) this place and this team from scratch?!

Who are we talking about? About a couple who is an example for us every day! Not only professionally.

Mrs. Bogumiła and Mr. Leszek are an example of a harmonious and highly respected married couple who, due to their long tenure in this place, know almost everything about it. Mr. Leszek, who has been working as a maintenance man for almost 30 years, is able to anticipate any situation before it actually happens. Great respect! He will honestly help, advise accurately and find a way to solve any problem in the blink of an eye. Mrs. Bogusia, on the other hand, is a real master of keeping order in the Senator Hotel. It is thanks to her and her subordinates that our guests can enjoy a place that is always clean, well-maintained, where you not only want to stay, but also come back with pleasure.


Wojciech, the manager of the Atrium Restaurant, is another personality we must boast of. A man of many talents, the soul of the company and a master of creativity. A chatterbox, a master of cut retorts, always striving for the goal he set for himself! A former employee of one of the brilliant restaurants in England, awarded with a Michelin star, which is a symbol of luxury and great prestige. wow! It is thanks to him that our restaurant has changed its direction, the main goal of which is to serve traditional Polish dishes in a non-standard cover.

AWESOME receptionist

Have you ever wondered what the everyday life of a hotel receptionist looks like?
Well, EXTREMELY. Patrycja, because that's what we're talking about, has been working at the Senator Hotel for 7 years, and from the very beginning, she performs her duties diligently, and also takes care of her guests with great kindness and care. Some of them accompany Patrycja from the very beginning, becoming regular visitors to our facility. And as she says, this is what drives her to act! After work, she devotes herself to her great passion, which is... SPORT, which gives her a lot of joy and satisfaction. A guardian of a healthy lifestyle who makes sure that our entire crew eats right. NO ASK! She is a motivation for many people who, thanks to her actions, have already changed their lifestyle by 180 degrees. Perhaps after meeting Patricia you will do something seemingly small - which, believe us ... will have a huge impact on you!

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