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Salt cave and rest room with graduation tower

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Kingdom of Crystals & Kingdom of Świętokrzyska Fir

TEMPERATURE: room HUMIDITY: 30-40% DURATION: any WE USE A TOWEL SALT CAVE The air filling the salt cave has a beneficial effect on human health. Thanks to the high content of sodium chloride, it is very clean and has negative ionization. In the salt cave there is a special microclimate in combination with the saturation of calcium, magnesium, iodine and bromine elements, it has anti-allergic and anti-fungal properties. Staying in such a room relaxes significantly improves well-being, among others: reduces stress, deepens and slows down breathing, increases the ability to concentrate, brings a feeling of freshness, and at the same time delays skin aging. In our cave we use Bochnia salt. REST ROOM WITH GRADUATION GROUP In the rest room with a graduation tower, you can rest after staying in saunas and baths. This is a good place to replenish fluids and get to know our beautiful Świętokrzyskie. Relaxation and return to balance will perfectly prepare you for the next session in a hot place. We also have a mud sauna - rasul The entry price is PLN 50 and includes access to the salt cave, swimming pool and saunas, as well as participation in sauna shows. Sessions are conducted by experienced sauna masters.

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