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Świętokrzyskie Gołoborza & Kingdom of the Oak Leaf

TEMPERATURE: 70-110°C HUMIDITY: 10-15% DURATION: 5-20 min WE USE A TOWEL It improves the efficiency and immunity of the body. Works deeply on the whole body (muscles and bones). It speeds up metabolism and cleanses the body of toxins. This is where your heart will do the exercise training. It will be comparable to that in the gym, although the muscles will rest. You will heal soreness and improve your well-being. The use of the Finnish sauna is complemented by body cooling and rest, as well as fluid replenishment. If you have the opportunity, choose highly mineralized water or decoctions of herbs. We also have a steam room.

Additional session with a sauna master

Organization of the session (group of 10 people) PLN 160 / group Massage in the sauna with oak twigs PLN 80 Sauna sessions are held every day except Sundays. The entry price is PLN 50 and includes access to the swimming pool and saunas, as well as participation in sauna shows. Sessions are conducted by experienced sauna masters.
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