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Hotel Senator - environment friendly hotel

For many years, environmental protection has been one of our important priorities. We have introduced a number of innovations that allow us to care for the natural environment. The hotel has solar panels, a solar system and a wind turbine to heat up the domestic hot water. We use energy-saving solutions, we introduce a number of smaller solutions that help us to protect the nature. Each day, we try to make a contribution for a clean environment for our future generations.

Charity ball

"It is not a duty of the people that surround me to help me, but I have a duty to take care of the world and the man" J. Korczak.

Szlachetna Paczka

I believe that it cannot be that the more help, the more people in need. We want to help people so that they can solve their problems on their own. We do not want poverty. We do not want records. We want real mutual love. One for all, all for one!

Priest Jacek WIOSNA Stryczek
The President of WIOSNA Association
The founder of Szlachetna Paczka

Green - the Polish Local Currency

Building new business relationships, creating an effective loyalty system for consumers, using surpluses and - most importantly - increasing sales - such are the results achieved by entrepreneurs joining Green, the Polish Local Currency project.

Więcej informacji.

2nd Starachowice half marathon

In 2017, two Starchowice entrepreneurs Anna Pająk (Hotel Senator) and Mariusz Jurkiew (Bricomarche) organized a running event Bricomarche - Hotel Senator 1st Starachowice half-marathon. In April 2018 the 2nd half-marathon was held with 340 participants. The event has permanently entered the calendar of Starachowice events.

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