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Café of Three Brooms

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Many different dishes

All dishes will be prepared by the chef of the Atrium Restaurant! We always have everything delicious, fresh: Appetizers from PLN 26 to PLN 55 Salads from PLN 32 to PLN 39 Soups from PLN 15 to PLN 35 Dishes with Pasta from PLN 29 to PLN 39 Appetizers Cheesecakes from PLN 15 to PLN 23 Meat dishes from PLN 39 to PLN 89 Fish from PLN 49 to PLN 79 Pizza from PLN 26 to PLN 36 Desserts from PLN 17 to PLN 29

Drinks & Beers

BLUE LAGOON - PLN 25 (vodka, blue curacao, lemon juice, sprite) SEX ON THE BEACH - PLN 26 (vodka, archers peach, coconut syrup, orange juice, cranberry juice) PINACOLADA - PLN 24 (malibu, Bacardi rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, coconut syrup, milk) BEER Prost 0.5l PLN 18 Desperados 0.4l PLN 13 Warka 0% 0.5l PLN 12 Żywiec 0.5l PLN 12

Children's menu

Homemade broth with noodles PLN 11 Grandma's dumplings PLN 7 French fries PLN 7 French fries with cheese PLN 9 Elemelek schnitzel PLN 14 Chickens from a happy farm PLN 13 Tiger dumplings PLN 16 Pizza Fish Senatorka PLN 16 Pancakes with fruit sauce or powdered sugar PLN 11 Pancakes with cheese or jam 13 PLN Ice Age with whipped cream and fruit 17 PLN

Juices and drinks

WATER Mineral water 1.5l PLN 7. Silicon water 0.5l PLN 3 BAD DRINKS Coca-Cola 0.25l PLN 7 Cappy orange 0.25l PLN 7 Cappy multivitamin 0.25l PLN 7 Cappy grapefruit 0.25l PLN 7 Cappy apple 0.25l PLN 7 Cappy blackcurrant 0.25l PLN 7 Cappy tomato 0.25l 7 PLN Kvass 0.5l PLN 10 Fuzetea 0.25l PLN 7 WARM DRINKS Richmont tea with lemon PLN 9 Tea 0.3l PLN 3 Atrium coffee - cup PLN 9 Cappuccino - cup PLN 11 Late coffee - glass PLN 15 ADDITIONAL MSM+Vit.C portion PLN 3 WE RECOMMEND Smoothie 0.4l PLN 16 Fresh fruit juice 0.4l PLN 16 Fresh fruit juice 0.2l PLN 9

Herbal tea card




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