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Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship offers many attractions for the young and old. These are both mountains and water, amusement parks and typical tourist spots, such as unique caves that you will not find anywhere else or Sabat Krajno, a huge amusement park and miniatures. we also recommend the Museum of Nature and Technology and the Bałtów tourist complex straight from Jurassic Park, while the Brody Lagoon is a huge body of water where you can relax on the beach or, on the contrary, grab a kayak, rent a jet ski or a motorboat and go on a water escapade! In addition, if you love active leisure, you will certainly be interested in the local bicycle trails. Numerous picturesque routes, extensive infrastructure and attractive trails are waiting for you and your bike! On the other hand, there are numerous peaks to climb for lovers of hiking. Safe and friendly to mountain hikers, hiking trails in the Świętokrzyski National Park are a proven way to diversify your holidays in the bosom of nature. Especially for our youngest guests, we have prepared a list of many delightful attractions. Discover them all and choose the ones you will use during your next stay at our Hotel.


Located on the border of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains and Przedgórze Iłżeckie in the Valley of the Kamienna River, surrounded by extensive forests with picturesque water reservoirs of Piachy and Lubianka. It is a perfect place for walking, cycling, and a great base for exploring local attractions.

Nature and Technology Museum

The Ecomuseum is within 5-minute walking distance from Hotel Senator in Starachowice. Inside you will see very interesting permanent exhibitions: "1984 Blast Furnace Plant", "1899 Blast furnace" "," "Iron Ore Mining", "Automotive technology", "Paleontologia", "Archeopark". "The settlement of the ancient iron industry". "Nature and Technology Museum, with the collection of exhibits and the nature of their presentation, has become part of the discussion on the model of the post-modern museum.Więcej informacji.

Bałtowski Tourist Complex

Surrounded by green hills, located in the fork of the Kamienna River, the Bałtowski Tourist Complex is a perfect place for rest and family entertainment. It offers attractions for both fans of prehistoric creatures and those who value direct contact with nature.

Sabat Krajno

Sabat Krajno is a year-round, family-friendly education and entertainment center, In winter, it is a ski station with the longest downhill routes in the central Poland. The only place where you can ski nearbt the pyramids and the beautifully lit Eiffel Tower. Walking down the Miniatur Avenue allows you to visit the whole world in a few hours. You will travel to almost to all continents of the world.

Świętokrzyski National Park

The Świętokrzyskie Mountains are the oldest in Poland. Their uplift occured in three different tectonic periods, they spread out in the Małopolska Upland, between the rivers of Pilica and the Vistula . Their outlines are gentle and their heights are modest. They fascinate, however, with an extremely original structure, varied vegetation and animal world.

Archeological Museum and Krzemionki Reserve

A complex of prehistoric stripped flint mines in Krzemionki, near Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, is one of the largest and the most interesting places of this type in the world. Its uniqueness stems from the well-preserved mining heaps and shaft wells, in particular the underground mines which, despite thousands of years having passed, have survived to our times in almost unchanged condition.


Iłża belongs to the beautiful cities of the Radom area. The history of Iłża dates back to prehistoric times, but the startingpoint of today's town was a medieval settlement located at the crossing of Iłżanka. Iłża is an ancient center of handcraft art. As early as in the 13th century it was famous for pottery in Europe.

Jaskinia Raj

The main natural attraction and the most beautiful cave of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. The underground tourist route leads through unusual chambers, rooms and corridors. Hunters of the ice age,the Neanderthals, camped inside about 50 thousand years ago. Currently, it is a winter shelter for hibernating bats.

Medieval Settlement

In the town of Huta Szklana, at the foot of the Holy Cross, among the picturesque striped fields, you will find the Medieval Settlement. This is a unique place where every day tourists have the opportunity to learn about medieval legends and traditions... In the thatched huts you can see the work of a blacksmith, shoemaker, weaver, potter, herbalist, wicker, while listening to the interesting stories of the medieval craftsmen.

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